AI-Human Collaboration: The Future of Workforce

Deloitte's AI Executive Rohit Tandon emphasizes that AI will create new roles while collaborating with humans. He dispels fears of job losses similar to past technological advances. Tandon highlights the significance of dynamic regulations and the government's role in AI adoption to empower the workforce and enhance productivity.

PTI | New Delhi | Updated: 23-06-2024 16:14 IST | Created: 23-06-2024 16:14 IST
AI-Human Collaboration: The Future of Workforce
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In a landscape often overshadowed by fears of job displacement due to technological advancements, Deloitte's AI Executive Rohit Tandon charts a different course, envisioning a future where AI augments human capabilities instead of replacing them. In an exclusive interview with PTI, Tandon emphasized that the narrative surrounding AI-induced job losses is misleading. 'AI will replace people with people,' he stated, underscoring the collaborative potential between AI and the workforce.

Tandon, Managing Director and AI and Insights Practice Leader at Deloitte LLP, highlighted how historical fears of job extinction during the advent of IT and computers proved unfounded as these technologies ultimately created more opportunities. He predicts a similar trajectory for AI: 'It will eliminate certain roles. But it will create more jobs than it will eliminate.'

Addressing the necessity for dynamic regulations, Tandon noted the rapid pace of AI advancements. He called for continuous evaluation and government-enterprise collaboration to set up adaptive guardrails. 'The government should act as a catalyst, ensuring computing capabilities and grassroots-level training to make AI accessible across diverse populations,' he added, stressing that such measures are crucial for global AI adoption and implementation.

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