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Chris Hemsworth Tries Skateboarding

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Updated: 23-03-2019 18:52 IST
Chris Hemsworth Tries Skateboarding

Image Credit: Flickr

Australian actor, Chris Hemsworth has tried skateboarding and failed at it, making his mates break off in hysteria. The fitness freak who has amazed his fans with his jaw-dropping workouts, is not meant to skateboard.

A video on Instagram shows the Thor hero being teased by his friends as he attempts to master a skateboard trick and struggling with it too. The 35-year-old heart throb can be seen desperately attempting to flip the board and land on it over and over again, failing every time. "What can't you do? Skateboarding, that's what you can't do!" his friend can be heard calling out.

In a few minutes the skateboard can be seen flying off to the side with Hemsworth falling hard on the grass. His friends continue teasing him.

COUNTRY : Australia