Russia Clarifies Stance on Recruitment of Indian Nationals for Army

The Russian embassy has clarified its position on the recruitment of Indian nationals into the Russian Army, assuring that Moscow and New Delhi are aligned on resolving the issue. Investigations are ongoing to address agents involved in fraudulent activities, while efforts are being made for the early discharge of misled individuals.

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Russia Clarifies Stance on Recruitment of Indian Nationals for Army
Roman Babushkin, Charge D'Affaires, Russian Embassy in India. (Photo: ANI) . Image Credit: ANI
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The Russian embassy clarified on Wednesday its position regarding the recruitment of Indian nationals into the Russian Army, stating that both Moscow and New Delhi are aligned in addressing this issue.

Roman Babushkin, Charge D'Affaires at the Russian Embassy in India, informed ANI that Russia is committed to finding a solution swiftly and has identified that some individuals were duped by agents involved in criminal activities. "We are on the same page as India on this problem. These individuals were cheated by agents who brought them through illegal channels," he said, noting that an investigation into these agents is ongoing.

The Charge D'Affaires highlighted that a mechanism for interaction with the Indian side has been established, ensuring close coordination with the Indian government. "We do not want them, and we are investigating the agents who recruited and deceived them," Babushkin emphasized. He added that all Indian nationals in Russia are on visitor or business visas, and there is no system for recruiting foreign nationals into the Russian army.

During a recent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Narendra Modi strongly requested the early discharge of Indian nationals misled into joining the Russian army. Foreign Secretary Vinay Mohan Kwatra confirmed that the Russian government has promised swift action on this front. Several Indian nationals were allegedly deceived into participating in the Russia-Ukraine conflict under the guise of lucrative job offers, uncovered by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in April.

The CBI revealed that the human trafficking network had been exploiting social media and local contacts to lure Indian nationals with promises of high-paying jobs in Russia. After concluding his visit to Russia, Prime Minister Modi also interacted with the Indian diaspora in Moscow, underscoring the strengthened ties between India and Russia, which he said are fostering global prosperity.

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