Rajnath Singh Pledges Stronger Maritime Security in Indian Ocean

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh emphasized the need to enhance India's maritime security and naval presence in the Indian Ocean Region during his visit to Eastern Naval Command. He reviewed the operational readiness of the Indian Navy and underscored the government's vision of unified national security encompassing both land and maritime borders.

PTI | Visakhapatnam | Updated: 14-06-2024 19:29 IST | Created: 14-06-2024 19:29 IST
Rajnath Singh Pledges Stronger Maritime Security in Indian Ocean
Rajnath Singh
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Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, on Friday, highlighted the necessity of bolstering India's maritime security and solidifying its naval dominance in the Indian Ocean Region. During his first outstation tour since his reappointment, Singh visited the Eastern Naval Command (ENC) in Visakhapatnam to assess the operational preparedness of the Indian Navy.

Embarking on a 'Day at Sea' aboard INS Jalashwa, Singh emphasized the growing capabilities of the Indian Navy, citing expanded shipyards and increasing aircraft carriers as key factors. 'Our Navy is emerging as a formidable force, and we will accelerate our efforts during this tenure,' he conveyed in a press statement.

Singh underscored the government's strategic focus on unifying the nation through comprehensive land and maritime security measures, ensuring no nation compromises the Indo-Pacific region's strategic autonomy. He praised the Navy for safeguarding navigation, enforcing a rules-based global order, and fostering peace and prosperity within the Indian Ocean Region.

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