Modi Pledges Unanimity and Exemplary Governance in Fourth NDA Term

Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized unanimity and the principle of 'nation first' for his forthcoming government. As the leader of the BJP-led NDA, Modi highlighted the coalition's commitment to good governance, development, and minimal interference in citizens' lives. He reaffirmed the coalition's track record of success and future aspirations for India.

PTI | New Delhi | Updated: 07-06-2024 14:29 IST | Created: 07-06-2024 14:29 IST
Modi Pledges Unanimity and Exemplary Governance in Fourth NDA Term
Narendra Modi
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday pledged to ensure unanimity in all decisions of his next government, asserting that the NDA is an organic alliance dedicated to the 'nation first' principle.

Chosen by the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance as its leader for the third time, Modi announced the NDA government would focus on good governance, development, quality of life, and minimal interference in common citizens' lives over the next decade.

Modi underscored mutual trust as the alliance's core and reiterated their commitment to 'sarv pantha sambhava' (all sects are equal). He called the NDA the strongest coalition in history and criticized opposition parties for attempts to undermine their victory, stating, 'Such things die very young.'

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