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'Instagram Delete': See hilarious reactions of users on this unusual hashtag

Devdiscourse News Desk New Delhi
Updated: 18-07-2019 19:07 IST
'Instagram Delete': See hilarious reactions of users on this unusual hashtag

Image Credit: Flickr

An unusual hashtag, "Instagram Delete" started trending on Twitter today leaving many people guessing what is it all about. Many people are even making hilarious guesses with the hashtag "#InstagramDelete" that is trending worldwide on number 3 right now.

Instagram has been hit by various controversies recently, the social media platform went down for hours at a stretch along with parent Facebook. It also announced recently that likes on the post will be hidden in some countries so people can "focus" on posts shared by their friends and not the number of likes. But is that what the hashtag is all about?

"#Instagramdelete" is actually about the platform's decision to extend "hide likes" feature in more countries. Australia, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Brazil and New Zealand are involved in the new trial, which follows an initial test that was launched in Canada in May.

The decision has been subjected to criticism by many people but plenty of others are praising the decision as Instagram users often turned to unethical ways to get likes.

Users are sharing hilarious reactions using this hashtags on Twitter, here are some of the best ones sorted for you.