India-Canada Diplomatic Tensions: Extremism Concerns Highlighted

India expressed grave concerns about Canada's political space for anti-India elements advocating extremism. Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra emphasized the need for strong action from Canada. The issue coincides with noteworthy democratic milestones in India and the upcoming G7 summit attended by leaders including Justin Trudeau.

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India-Canada Diplomatic Tensions: Extremism Concerns Highlighted
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In a stern message, India criticized Canada's permissive stance towards anti-India elements promoting extremism and violence. Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra emphasized on Wednesday that New Delhi expects Ottawa to undertake decisive measures against these groups. The statement comes as Prime Minister Narendra Modi heads to Italy for the G7 summit, where Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will also be in attendance.

Highlighting the significance of recent democratic processes, Kwatra referenced India's general elections, which saw the participation of around 640 million voters, calling it the largest democratic exercise globally. He underscored the worldwide recognition and appreciation for India's democratic vibrancy.

The strained relations between India and Canada have been underlined by Trudeau's remarks about the rise of right-wing forces and the controversial allegations made by Trudeau last year involving Indian agents in the assassination of a Khalistani extremist in Canada. Despite these challenges, India remains firm on its stance against the pro-Khalistani elements it accuses Canada of sheltering.

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