Putin's Landmark Visit to North Korea: Unveiling New Alliances Amid Sanctions

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in North Korea, marking his first visit in 24 years. He aims to strengthen ties with North Korea's Kim Jong Un amid US-led sanctions. Both leaders discussed mutual support and future cooperation, addressing military, economic, and technological aspects.

PTI | Seoul | Updated: 19-06-2024 05:24 IST | Created: 19-06-2024 05:24 IST
Putin's Landmark Visit to North Korea: Unveiling New Alliances Amid Sanctions
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Russian President Vladimir Putin made a notable arrival in North Korea on Wednesday, marking his first visit to the country in 24 years. This trip, aimed at fortifying relations between the two nations, comes in the face of intensified US-led sanctions. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un greeted Putin warmly at Pyongyang's airport, reflecting the 'invincibility and durability' of their countries' friendship.

The visit underscores a historic chapter in their bilateral relations as both leaders discussed a broad range of collaborative efforts. Putin highlighted North Korea's steadfast support for Russia's military actions in Ukraine. He vowed that both nations would continue to defy Western efforts to obstruct the establishment of a multipolar world order rooted in justice and mutual respect.

Amid growing scrutiny over an alleged arms arrangement between the two nations, the visit also saw streets of Pyongyang adorned with portraits of Putin and national flags, emphasizing the diplomatic significance of this event. Putin indicated plans to expand cooperation in areas such as trade, tourism, culture, and education, thereby strengthening their bilateral ties.

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