Loco Pilots' Working Conditions: Railway Minister vs. Opposition

Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw highlighted improvements in working conditions for loco pilots, countering opposition claims of inadequate rest due to understaffing. He emphasized measures like ergonomic seating, air-conditioned cabs, and improved resting facilities. Vaishnaw criticized misinformation and assured continued recruitment to support loco pilots.

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Loco Pilots' Working Conditions: Railway Minister vs. Opposition
Ashwini Vaishnaw
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Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw on Wednesday described loco pilots as essential members of the railway family and criticized the opposition for spreading misinformation to demotivate them.

Vaishnaw used social media platform X to spotlight various measures the Railways have undertaken to enhance train drivers' working conditions. He clarified that loco pilots' duty hours are carefully regulated, ensuring they get appropriate rest. In June, the average duty hours were less than 8 hours, with longer durations occurring only in exceptional cases.

Last week, Opposition Leader Rahul Gandhi met with discontented loco pilots who complained of inadequate rest due to understaffing. Vaishnaw noted that since 2014, improvements such as ergonomic seating and air-conditioned cabs have been implemented. He also mentioned that upgraded off-duty resting facilities, including air-conditioned running rooms and foot massagers, are now available, a move initially criticized by Congress.

Vaishnaw emphasized ongoing recruitment, with 34,000 running staff already hired and an additional 18,000 positions in process. He assured that efforts to demoralize the railway family with fake news would not succeed, affirming that the rail parivar remains united in serving the nation.

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