Political Sparks Fly Over NCERT Textbook Revisions

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh accuses NCERT of aligning with RSS and calls its recent textbook revisions an assault on secularism in the Constitution. NCERT director defends the changes, aiming to avoid teaching about riots to create positive citizens.

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Political Sparks Fly Over NCERT Textbook Revisions
Jairam Ramesh
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Amid a heated debate on the revision of NCERT textbooks, Congress leader Jairam Ramesh has alleged that the institution has been functioning as an RSS affiliate since 2014, thereby mounting an assault on the Constitution.

In a post on X, Ramesh pointed fingers at the National Testing Agency, blaming it for the 'grace marks' fiasco in NEET 2024. He stated that the blame game was merely a distraction from the NTA's own failures.

According to Ramesh, the NCERT has ceased to be a professional institution. He criticized its revised Class XI political science textbook for attacking the concept of secularism and critiquing political party policies. He asserted that NCERT's objective should be to produce unbiased textbooks, not political propaganda.

Ramesh claimed that the NCERT's revisions question the foundational pillar of secularism in the Indian republic's Constitution.

Joining the fray, TMC leader Saket Gokhale accused the NCERT of hiding 'inconvenient facts' and criticized the BJP and Modi government for being ashamed of their history.

On the other hand, NCERT director Dinesh Prasad Saklani denied any allegations of saffronisation, stating the textbook modifications aim to prevent creating 'violent and depressed' citizens by avoiding riot-related content.

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