Tragic Incident at Ram Temple: SSF Jawan's Mysterious Death

Shatrughan Vishwakarma, a 25-year-old security officer at Ram Temple, died from a bullet wound inflicted by his own weapon. Authorities are investigating whether it was an accidental discharge or suicide. The incident occurred near the VIP gate, about 150 meters from the temple's sanctum. More details await investigation and postmortem results.

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Tragic Incident at Ram Temple: SSF Jawan's Mysterious Death
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A 25-year-old security officer stationed at the Ram Temple has tragically died after being struck by a bullet from his own weapon. Police are currently investigating whether this was a case of accidental firing or a potential suicide.

The officer, identified as Shatrughan Vishwakarma, was part of the Special Security Force (SSF) and was on duty near the VIP gate close to the Koteshwar temple. Inspector General Pravin Kumar confirmed the incident occurred at 5:25 am on Wednesday, noting that the area is approximately 150 meters from the sanctum sanctorum of the Ram Temple.

Authorities have indicated that further clarity will emerge following a thorough investigation and the release of the postmortem report. This incident follows a similar event last year, where PAC constable Kuldeep Tripathi died of bullet injuries, suggesting a concerning pattern of on-duty firearm incidents at the site.

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