Russia and North Korea Forge Strongest Alliance Since Cold War

Russia and North Korea have entered a new agreement, promising immediate military support if either country faces war. This marks their closest partnership since the Cold War, covering various sectors including security and trade. The new alliance raises concerns about potential arms arrangements amid tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

PTI | Seoul | Updated: 20-06-2024 07:45 IST | Created: 20-06-2024 07:45 IST
Russia and North Korea Forge Strongest Alliance Since Cold War
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In a significant development, Russia and North Korea have cemented their relationship with a new agreement that mandates immediate military support in case either nation faces war. North Korean state media disclosed the details Thursday, following a high-profile summit between Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin.

The comprehensive strategic partnership agreement, described as the strongest since the end of the Cold War, signifies a major upgrade in relations, covering security, trade, investment, and humanitarian ties. Article 4 mandates using 'all means at its disposal without delay' to provide 'military and other assistance.'

The agreement has sparked concerns among the US and its allies over potential arms deals, with North Korea possibly supplying Russia with munitions for its ongoing conflict in Ukraine. In return, North Korea might receive economic aid and advanced technologies that could enhance its nuclear capabilities.

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